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This theme shop has officially been open for 3 years and in the next month or so we will hit over 10,000 themes sold. During this time I’ve learned so much about what my clients need and what they don’t need, and access to excellent, managed WordPress Hosting tops the list.

One of the biggest issues WordPress users encounter is with their website hosting. Not just hosting, but bad hosting. If you plan on building a business online, whether it is a small business or a blogging business, do not place your future on budget hosting where you are given very limited resources to use and no room to grow.

Why budget hosting is bad for business

Budget hosting is acceptable if you are just dabbling in blogging as a hobby, with no expectations of scaling into a monetized business, but if you want the potential of business growth and earning an income, you need to start out right.

Budget hosting is appealing as far as cost is concerned, but as the saying goes “You get what you pay for”. They come with crowded, poorly configured servers that have no features or security on them. Tech support is also lacking, usually with no knowledge of how to help, so they pass issues off as being a problem with your theme or plugins.

With Budget Hosting many times you don’t even know you have a problem until you have one. By that time it could have cost you readers, clients, or even infected your site with a virus.

What is Managed Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is configured specifically to only work with the WordPress platform – that’s what it was designed for, unlike most budget hosting options. It’s fine-tuned for speed, and optimized for performance. Managed WordPress utilizes the latest technologies to speed up your load times, has built-in Firewall Protection and Malware Scanning.

It also means that tech support solely works with WordPress and will be more knowledgeable when you call in if you ever have any issues. It means less work for you! With Managed WordPress Hosting, the core files are always kept up to date for you.

Introducing Hello You Hosting

In effort to provide every tool possible to my clients to assure their success and to make the most of their Hello You theme, I’d like to introduce “Hello You Hosting”. I’m so excited to finally be able to offer this option to all of my clients!

Our servers are held at WpEngine. It is no secret that WpEngine has some of, if not the best hosting for WordPress. It is all they do and all they know. It is why we have trusted them with our site and our private client’s sites for over 3 years now.

Now you can get all of the same features and benefits of Premium Managed WordPress hosting, with the added bonus of my team managing it for you.

Each hosting plan comes with…
  • Free Install ($100 value)
  • Free Genesis Framework ($59 value)
  • Free SSL & CDN
  • Free Staging Environment
  • Nightly Backups
  • Enhanced Security

Bonus: Stock Image Membership

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