Genesis Simple Social Icons 3.0

The Genesis Simple Social Icon plugin updated yesterday. This update changed the way the icons are displayed in your theme. For many years the Simple Social plugin could only have 1 style, even if you needed 3 (ie – Navigation, footer, sidebar). We had custom code in each theme to control the output of the icons, so you could have multiple colors and styles. With the new version of the plugin you are no longer restricted to 1 style and can adjust the styling right from the plugin itself. However that also means that the custom code in your theme no longer works to override the new update. This is okay.

The Fix

1. Go to your widget area at Appearance > Widgets.
2. Find where your Simple Social Icon Plugins are Examples: sidebar, nav social, footer, etc
3. Open the Simple Social Icon widget and adjust the colors and sizes to what you would like them to be.

Most of the icons will need the size changed to 30 or 28 and then the background color removed.

If you do not want a background or border, delete the color and it will be transparent.

But my circles are gone….

We are working on the best way to style this with the theme and the new plugin.

If you need help or have questions please contact us

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