Social Page Template

How many of you use a paid service to provide a social landing page for your readers when they click through from your social profiles? Our themes now come with a custom template that you can easily set up and guide your readers to the most popular & important spots on your site.

Pro tip – Need to track how often the buttons are clicked? Use bitly or another tracking provider in the button links to monitor your site activity.

Updated Themes

We are currently adding this feature to the themes. Below is a list of the themes that have been already been updated. You can find the updated version in your account area.

Hello Chic
Hello Luv
Hello Beauty
Hello Maker
Hello Foxy
Hello Trending
Hello Glam
Hello Darling
Hello Gorgeous
LE Sweets Peachy

Updating the theme

To update your theme you will need to delete the old one and install the new one. To do this you can log in to your hosting and access your file manager, your cpanel, or by FTP/SFTP. It is important to remember that any custom changes you made to your current themes style sheet or functions file will need to be moved over to the new theme.

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