Hello Autumn Freebie

Hello Autumn Freebie

Fall is my favorite time of year. The cooler weather and the changing leaves make for some amazing mountain bike rides and hikes. Plus when I wear sweaters or hoodies now, it is acceptable and doesn’t attract the odd looks that summer hoodies seem to. LOL. Hopefully I’m not the only stay at home mom that tends to live in different colored hoodies all year long. The other day while working on a project I needed some fall stock photos and ran across this beauty during my search. It’s one in a series of images and perfect to add that fall feel to your feed. Grab the free version without my wording and watermark in the Freebie Library.

Love the font? It’s called The Sofy Font Duo

Do you use Instagram? Use #helloyoudesigns with your stock creations to be featured in our feed. Contact me if you have a stock photo request. I’m always looking for ideas on what to post.


The disclosure: Feel free to use this image through out your social media, website or printable stuff. Just Please do not use it for anything that you will be charging money for.

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