Never Judge A book

Never judge a book by it's movie stock photo

I’m a day late getting this weeks stock photo out. How true is it though?! Never judge a book by its movie. Love reading and I’m that annoying person that has to tell you while watching the movie, how this or that, did or did not happen in the book. Drives the husband and kids nuts. This minimalist stock photo comes from a collection that will be used in a theme that should be coming out Monday (at the latest). Think Hello Lovely, meets Hello Darling and that would be what this new theme is. A Center logo with homepage grid style.

Right click and save this version, or get the blank one to add your own caption in the freebie section. Do you use Instagram? Use #helloyoudesigns with your stock creations and be featured in our feed.


The disclosure: Feel free to use this image through out your social media, website or printable stuff. Just Please don’t use it for anything that you will be charging money for.

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