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Genesis Simple Social Icons 3.0

The Genesis Simple Social Icon plugin updated yesterday. This update changed the way the icons are displayed in your theme. For many years the Simple Social plugin could only have 1 style, even if you needed 3 (ie - Navigation, footer, sidebar). We had custom code in each theme to control the ... READ the POST

Managed WordPress Hosting

This theme shop has officially been open for 3 years and in the next month or so we will hit over 10,000 themes sold. During this time I've learned so much about what my clients need and what they don't need, and access to excellent, managed WordPress Hosting tops the list. One of the biggest ... READ the POST

Social Page Template

How many of you use a paid service to provide a social landing page for your readers when they click through from your social profiles? Our themes now come with a custom template that you can easily set up and guide your readers to the most popular & important spots on your site. Pro tip - ... READ the POST

How to Add Snow to your WordPress Site

A few days ago we shared a site on Instagram that is has a very subtle snow effect and so many of you have reached out and wanted to know how this was done. There are a few ways to do it but the easiest is with a simple plugin that you can deactivate after the holidays. There are many plugins, ... READ the POST

NEW Hello Luv

Introducing Hello Luv, a Wordpress Theme designed with the Creative Service Providers in mind. It features a clean modern layout that will help you highlight all aspects of your brand. For the full view of features visit the live demo. Hello Luv Theme Custom Homepage Feature a full ... READ the POST

5 Elements every blog post must have

It should go without saying that a blog post should be informative, useful, enjoyable to read, but easy to skim. Truth is, blog posts have 5 very important elements that need to be present in order to make them successful. These 5 blog elements will make your post shine!  1. A keyword ... READ the POST


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