Why blog posts aren’t getting shared

You’ve got a beautifully designed website, and fantastic content… but you’re left wondering “Why is no one sharing my content?” Truth is, there’s a lot more to growing a blog, getting the traffic and enticing others to share your posts. Here are some common reasons why your blog posts aren’t getting shared and what you can do about it.

Why your blog post isn't getting shared


You aren’t sharing your posts enough

This is a legit thing. In high volume social media networks like Twitter, it’s not uncommon that a tweet might go completely unnoticed – even if you’re posting at your optimal tweeting hours. In fact, it’s recommended that you post about a link several times over the course of the day for maximum efficiency. Sharing your posts more often increases the chances that it gets seen by your audience.

Even then, the average person is unlikely to share your content unless they have seen it at least 5 times. And let’s face it… you aren’t able to be on social media at every hour of the day, and neither are your followers. Try using a social media scheduler to share your content regularly. I like CoSchedule because it has the ability to re-queue older posts for me (I love telling it to share my evergreen content) and share it again later for me.


You aren’t using the right platform

Where does your target audience frequently hang out online? I see this question a lot without any real answer to follow. Truth is, even if you personally enjoy using Instagram, it doesn’t mean your target audience uses it. If you are getting wildly better results from sharing on Facebook and finding that people engage your content (and you!) more often there, then that’s where your target audience is.

Figure out where you should be posting and focus on sharing your content there first before you put effort into other platforms.

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You haven’t asked others to share your content

This sounds silly, right? Fact is, most people forget to ask people to share – they just post info and a link, then walk away without key phrases like “Share this post with others who are struggling to get their blog content shared”. Asking will help prompt people to share – because sometimes we need a little encouragement.

It’s also important to remember to have a way for others to share a post directly from your blog. Provide a call to action and social sharing buttons at the bottom of every post so that when your audience is finished reading, they know what to do next.


Your content isn’t “share-worthy”

You could have an otherwise great, informative blog post and it still not be ready for sharing or worthy of being shared. Having appropriately sized graphic elements is extremely important (and that’s not just my graphic designer bias – it’s true!). Be sure you are creating well-branded, easy to read graphics for every social media platform.

The good news here is that you can get away with a 1:1 ratio image on Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook. You don’t have to spend countless hours on a bunch of different graphics just to get started. It’s important that you use good design practices to create easy to read graphics that are pleasing to the eye. No one wants to share posts with difficult to read images.


How do you get others to share your content?

Leave a comment below and share your best trick of getting your content shared. Don’t forget to pin this post so others can learn too!

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