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Hello Sassafras Genesis WordPress Theme

Sassafras got a makeover

Sassafras was our second theme release and has been one of our best selling themes for it’s unique wrap style and boutique look. For this makeover we cleaned up the code, added new widget areas, modernized the footer area and added the option to add or remove the front content area. We did remove the blogging extras, however the built in pricing table, buttons and coloumn classes are still available. Check out the demo to see this beauty in action!

Already have Sassafras?

Since this theme was released we have sold 100’s of copies. If you already own it, you can upgrade to Hello Sassafras for free. BUT before you upgrade it is important to understand that while I’m saying this is a theme “makeover” it really is a totally new theme. Styling is different, portfolio is different and the “blogging goodies” have been removed. We decided to remove them because it is bad practice to build a theme with built in shortcodes. It means if you ever change your theme down the road, which I know many of you do often, then everything you have built with that shortcode will no longer work. If you used the shortcodes in the original Sassafras, you will need to go back to those pages/posts and change the styling. Genesis column classes, pricing table and buttons are all still in the new theme.

Before you switch I highly recommend that you view the demo and think about what you can’t go without that is in your current theme. Then check to see if it is available in the new theme.

Hello Sassafras Theme


The Homepage Layout

* As seen in the demo

Hello Sassafras Theme

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