Getting Creative on Instagram

Recently we fell in love with a french web designers feed on Instagram and her gorgeous styling of photos. You can view the feed here @blueberrydesigns_fr. For the next 2 weeks we have carefully planned out our IG feed to incorporate a few free patterns and stock photos that you can find in the Freebie Library. All of the patterns will have transparent backgrounds so you can easily overlay them and or change the coloring. The stock photos of course will be without my watermark and the pattern. If you decide to start styling your feed, please share. Love seeing creativity in action.

Do you use Instagram?

Use #helloyoudesigns with your stock creations to be featured in our feed. Contact me if you have a stock photo request. I’m always looking for ideas on what to post.


The disclosure:

Feel free to use this image through out your social media, website or printable stuff. Just Please don’t use it for anything that you will be charging money for.

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