Need a little extra help with the tech stuff?

hello you designs feminine themes

Think of us as the design assistant that takes care of the hard stuff. We offer Install services, Design services and general tech help.


General Designer Help

This service is to provide help to you designers that may not know how to achieve your clients needs. In an ideal situation you would contact us with the help you need prior to giving your client a design quote. Once we provide you with our rate, you incorporate it into your pricing. Sometimes things come up unexpectedly (most always) and we can provide you with an affordable quote to get you out of the jam you are in.

Some Examples of how we can help…

  • Adding, removing, adjusting widget areas
  • Creating a custom logo area ie: adding sticky navs, moving logos, ect
  • Adding custom fonts
  • fixing broken layouts
  • Troubleshooting
  • Emergency services available after hours *additional cost
  • & more. If you need it, we can help with it

Please contact us for a general quote on services